Emotion Code


Foreword:Often when I am too close to what I am talking about, or it is something I have a lot of experience or connection to, I don’t do a great job talking about it clearly or easy to follow so PLEASE tell me if that is the case here because it is a very interesting bit I’d like to share.

Usually, I am so fearless sharing my shit.  Right now, though - I feel a little too vulnerable to air my “dirty (belief) laundry” publicly. ☺️ Maybe someday soon.  

Anyway, I thought I would share an interesting example of my magical blend of Body Code, Emotion Code and Energy Clearing.  

I’m going to share my self-coaching-session from yesterday.

It had to do with me letting go of XYZ thoughts/behavior of mine which has no benefit to anyone.  

I’m going to start out explaining as if it were you receiving a session:


First, we determine what it is that you want to experience less of or more of.   

I’ll use Less Anxiety as an example.


We determine what the symptoms/affects are of this thing:

Examples:  Feel out of control, can’t focus, has a negative impact on your relationships


We determine what you want to feel instead: 

Example:Peaceful, Calm, Safe


Then, we design a few questions, using my special method and some pretty spot on intuition.  I usually like us to create a negatively stated version and positively stated version.  


Example of each:

What trapped emotion, imbalance or belief could we address to stop Anxiety?

What trapped emotion, imbalance or belief that we can address to increase feelings of calm?


I won’t go into the details about the “how”we get all the answers, because that’s a WHOLE other post, lol.  *I have a video explaining it all and I’m happy to send out to anyone who is curious…


Okay, now that the ground work is laid, we will go back to the details of my session:

Through this magical process, a Viral Energy was detected – 

I tested which kind it could be from a list of different types – I went straight to the grosses one - Do I have herpes? 😫The answer was No.  Thank goodness!  

I went through the entire list and it didn’t end up being any of them.  Hmm? 


🙌🏻This is where the intuition becomes so crazy, valuable and time saving! 🙌🏻

I let myself sink into my mini trance and start exploring some other questions.  


Is it a fear of disease? Yes 

From a past life? Yes 

(An odd question for me to go to because I’m not sure if I believe in past lives.)  

I kind of do, kind of don’t and kind of think I am leaning more toward believing in them. 
Then I wonder if I am in a similar way some people find God.  When people don’t have answers or solutions, they usually try to find what gives comfort and support.  

But this is a WHOLE other story. 

Now, back to tapping into intuition to guide me to the right questions:

Is it something I died from? Yes. 

An STD? No.   (I pause here and ask myself “Why do you keep going there?” SO GROSS!) 

Something sexual? No. 

An obsession? Yes. 

Sex? No. 

Nudity? No. 

Porn? No. 

Hurting people? Yes.  

Physically? No.  

Emotionally? Yes.  

On purpose? Yes. 

Torturing? Yes.  

Is it something I do in this life? No. 

Is it something I am experiencing in this life? Yes. 


The bummer is that, for today, this was as far as my inquiry about this negative thinking/behavior of mine would go..  

 I will return to it tomorrow to dig a little deeper but now we get to find out what can be released to help me let go of XYZ thoughts/behavior?


Next, we get to the releases - The question being:


What is the most significant trapped emotion, belief or imbalance I can address to let go of whatever residual energy has carried onto this life so I can be free of the negative impact and pain it causes? 


And all the stuffs that came up:

·     Inherited Trapped Emotion of Price from an ancestor 

·     Trapped Emotion of Terror (representing Terror that I created)

·     Trapped Emotion of Grief 

·     The energy of “Wrong” (representing the energy of the lack of holding boundaries) 

·     The belief “I am flawed” (from the past life – the way I was perceived, I was different, I was not accepted so I hurt people – that was my power)

·     Cleaning supply toxicity?  What?! (Oh, it has to do with past life – poverty – filthy environment)

·     Inherited Trapped Emotion of Lack of Control 

·     Trapped Emotion of Disgust – of an individual’s behavior in a past life, not mine.. phew!


And it ended there.  You bet I’ll be resuming this session ASAP.  


My point in sharing all this is to show you how odd and interesting these sessions can be.  

They are always different and not always what you expect (and not always this obscure either).  


We work off of a few charts to uncover the answers. 

There is a somewhat limited amount of options (a few hundred or maybe thousand, I haven’t counted) 

And the cool things are, if we come to something like past lives or evil spirits and they are not within your belief system, we can assume it is symbolic and it is the closest to the answer that the subconscious could find.  


It never stops fascinating me!  


Do you know I helped someone who had poison ivy and by the end of the session it was already going away and by the next day she said it was almost healed!

And I have helped many individuals reduce anxiety and increase energy. 


There is no limit to what you can address with this work – it is absolutely amazing!


And wow! I realize this was the longest post EVER, but if you made it this far you must be somewhat intrigued, eh?


If so, let me know if there is anything, I need to explain better or with more detail.  Let me know what you are curious about or when you want to book your session 😉