Something happened today with someone I care about. They were ready to move toward change. A new experience that could have been really good for them. And only a few moments later they jumped ship on the plan. 😞

It got me thinking about RESISTANCE.. Resistance shows up so often when we are going out of our comfort zone or ready to up-level in life. It has happened to the best of us and sadly most people haven't been taught how to spot it and what to do to keep moving.

You know what resistance reminds me of? 

That friend of a friend who you don't like AT ALL. You have tried and feel terrible that she bugs you so much but she brings no value to situations or conversations. She constantly reminisces about the past, like that is all there is to life - telling old stories over and over again. Stories you didn't care to hear the first time. 

Well, next time you start to experience resistance, say what you are too polite to say to that "friend of a friend"....

"No thanks, I prefer not to hang out with you anymore." 

When have you experienced resistance - the subconscious mind trying to keep you "safe" in your current circumstances even though you are ready to grow beyond them?