It is so crazy how most men and women have experienced some sort of trauma in their lives. It is absolutely awful! And the toll it takes on them can be devastating.

I believe each gender has similarities in how to begin the healing process and maybe some differences too. Since my clients are primarily women, I will speak of them...

More often than not women who have been abused or suffering from grief/loss trauma have not felt supported, heard or validated about their pain.

Think about when someone loses a loved one, everyone comes out of the woodwork to show their sympathy and support and within weeks, their phone stops ringing, people stop asking how they are doing, what they have been feeling or how they can hold space for them in their grief.

Or when someone is abused people may not relate to how many triggers there are throughout life. The victim usually doesn't even see how severe the impact is until they do some deep, deep inner work.

And society doesn’t know how to handle people’s pain, so they say things like “Move past it”, “Let it go.” “Time heals all wounds” and for these women, the only thing they know to do is trying to ignore the pain and move on.

But the pain does NOT go away, in fact, it festers.

In cases of abuse, these women feel inadequate, unworthy, and frustrated which causes them to never feel fulfilled. In cases of loss, women experience feelings of grief, loneliness and maybe guilt which causes them to feel empty, hopeless, lost, and sad.

It is a terrible place to be - alone in your pain. This pain festers in the body, and, causes harm to both emotional and physical wellness for themselves and loved ones.

Science is proving Stress is one of the main causes of dis-ease. And it has to stop! Or at least more awareness and support needs to be available.

This is a subject that hits really close to home and unfortunately, in many circumstances.

Experiencing and witnessing other’s pain has uncovered my purpose - to help stop and undo this damage. Damage such as depression, lack of healthy boundaries, anxiety, and lack of joy, etc. 

I help women find the validation they need, without creating a victim mindset. I help them begin to heal and feel safe to feel again.

I empower them to take charge of their thoughts, which begins to shift their feelings, grieve if needed and then begin to elevate their circumstances. 
During our time together they also learn simple mental tools to continue healing so they can find comfort and learn how to make a life not only that they enjoy, but one where they thrive. Their healing is part of my healing ♥️

If you or anyone you know could benefit from this kind of support, message me or click here for my calendar and set some time aside so we can speak. 

🦋Isn't it time to start feeling good again or at least okay?