I have been thrilled with my work helping individuals heal from anxiety, depression, trauma. It has been incredible! Beyond my expectations for at least year, maybe more.

Ironically, even thought my clients and I have been thrilled with their transformation, I have not been doing so well. 

I have been going through a lot, working with some powerful healing modalities and experiencing that much of it has been REALLY intense to process. 

Part of me LOVES this (All of me) and then I get too busy to really work through it - like the plumber with leaky pipes or the shoemaker with no shoes. 

I say I get too busy when actually, it is probably more likely that it is resistance kicking in. 

Historically, I am uncomfortable with change. Not just uncomfortable, almost terrified. And I am just as afraid of things staying the same. So resistance keeps me "safe" in limbo.

A few weeks ago I decided to really commit to myself and do the work that I provide for others: shadow work, clearing beliefs, balancing energy, changing mindset and all the things that will make my heart smile again. 

I'm taking myself through my own 12 week Emotional Freedom Program.

I wanted to find the perfect environment for this journey. Even though the jungle worked a few years back, I'm changing it up - this time I picked the beach  🛬 ⛱ 🌊

If anyone would like to join me in my program, reach out to chat about it so you can decide if it a good fit for you too.