..for everyone.

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Nowadays, the Law of Attraction, affirmations, and sayings like “What you think about comes about.” Are common language. People utter a negative thought and they are looked at like they are smoking a cigarette while holding a baby.

For some, these positive mindsets and ways of thinking work and they are all they need to create shifts in their lives. For others, it can feel like healing is hopeless. If this sounds like you keep reading … there is hope, I swear!

You see, among other things, I am a certified advanced Law of Attraction Coach, so I am not completely dismissing the power of positive thinking and the impact of “acting as if”.

I am also realistic and understand that not everyone can begin their journey there. But with baby steps, it is possible to get there, even if it sounds impossible.

When you are in a bad emotional place, being expected to only think positive, act as if the universe is already delivering, is like asking someone who can’t swim to dive into the deep end and just know something/someone will save them.

You may not have had enough positive experiences in life to be able to trust things will work out, let alone work out to your advantage or beyond your wildest dreams.

So, we start here: I believe it is possible to need to be validated without being in victim mode and that validation can be a huge kickstart for the needed healing.

Then, I believe then, you can be led to release the pain you have been trying to let go of - this time permanently! And finally, start putting together a doable action plan to get you to a place of enjoyment and optimism for the future.

I will help you figure out how to release those old feelings, the beliefs they created, soften anxiety and depression, increasing your self-worth, your confidence and help you form a deep connection with yourself.

After that, maybe we can hang out and make our vision boards 😁

It is from that place that you will be empowered to move forward in a positive and healthy way, and we will create a doable action plan, establish your boundaries, how to honor them and uncover our core values (aka. Your Moral Compass) and why they matter so much.

Need more reason to invest in yourself and work with me?
Know this - This work is my passion and I have invested in training with the best! I have studied dozens of modalities so we can find the right fit for YOU and YOUR healing journey, no cookie-cutter coaching or healing here.

I figured since not everyone wants to vacation in the same spot, why would I expect all of my clients to connect with the same modalities, especially over and over again?

We get to explore what works best for you and you’ll have these tools forever!

If this approach is what you have wanted and not found yet, here you go! And here I am. Message me to set up a time to talk about how I can be of service to you.