So yeah, that was one of the shitty beliefs that I uncovered during a Belief Closet session yesterday. And holy crap did it feel awful. 

Belief Closet sessions are hardcore healing experiences! 

I have helped my clients get to the root of some horrible feelings and helped them discreate them to become more empowered than they ever thought they could be. Personally, I hadn’t had any profound Belief Closet experiences yet. Until yesterday! And WOW, it was sooo intense! I LOVED IT!

In these sessions, we discover a core belief, then you let your subconscious mind create an "outfit" that represents the belief. 

Once the belief "outfit" appears, you’ll feel what it feels like to wear the belief; how restrictive it is, uncomfortable, smelly, rough, vulnerable, what color, what material, all the details… you name it. 

So, during my session yesterday do you want to know what my subconscious create to represent my belief: 

“I need you to take care of me or I will die.”? 

It was a TORTURE CHAMBER CAGE!! And a metal collar with a chain attaching me to it - as if the cage wasn’t uncomfortable enough. 

As I sat with this feeling it got grosser by the second. I started to feel the sludge under my feet, the bugs on my legs and flies and gnats flying all around me. 

Sounds crazy, but I was so excited to be feeling so terrible and trapped because I knew by the end of this session something magical would happen. And it did…..

This nasty belief got discreated and I got to create the new belief I wanted to experience. Once set on a new belief, again, I let my subconscious create an "outfit" to represent this new belief - my beautiful, new belief. 

And THIS "outfit" was absolutely incredible! 

I had bright sunshine beaming out of my heart and my legs were a tree trunk growing stronger and taller with each breath until the light and strength merged into one feeling. 

I could actually feel myself getting taller and stronger. I could feel my heart softening and I felt a calm confidence to express myself without worrying about what will happen next.

I LOVE my new belief outfit and plan to put it on (in my imagination of course) every morning or at least before intimidating interactions. 

I know it will help me evoke those feelings of the strong-rooted tree with healing light filling it and bursting from the branches and leaves. 

It is making me smile and feel all warm just thinking about it now. 

I realize, my writing may do this image or story no justice so I invite you to experience the Belief Closet for yourself so you can feel how powerful this work is. 

I would love to take you through a healing journey. 

I would love to help you let go of a negative, non-serving bullsh!t belief that has probably been holding you back or causing pain for years. 

I would be honored to help you create the most empowering belief that helps you accomplish things you have struggled with in the past. 

I would absolutely LOVE to help you get through a situation that has been challenging you or get over something so deep, you didn’t think it could ever heal. 

I would love to witness the moment when your expression change as if years of stress and strain have melted away. 

I would love to see your eye brightening and the delightful smile that will surface. To witness the obvious relief, dropping of the burden of that old shitty belief and total immersion into your new belief.

If you have any questions or want to see if the Belief Closet is a modality that would benefit you as much as it has my other clients, grab a spot in my calendar. 

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