Would you think I was crazy?  
Would you want more information? 

I know I did when one of my mentors/coaches told me it was what I needed most at this time in my life and for my business. 

It isn't a new concept but it is one I find a step beyond the Law of Attraction. And it scares the shit out of me. 

It is the practice of SURRENDERING.

Man, this one can be difficult for those of us with anxiety, PTSD, depression and all of those things. It means letting go of control and the need to know 😦 COMPLETELY!

If you are like me, even the thought of this is Fucking Painful - It makes my palms tingle and my heart start to race.

During a conversation with my coach, she suggested a book. A really easy read - just a few hours ⏰

And WOW! How much can change about life from a few hundred pages!

The most interesting part about this was how EVERY SINGLE PERSON that I have spoken to since then has mentioned letting go, trusting the process, going with the flow, lowering expectations to decrease disappointment. 

It does not feel like a coincidence. And I think the book set in motion this whole idea of flow, to help me ease into the practice of surrendering. 

What could surrendering look like? 

It could be allowing yourself to really sink into yourself, see your biggest dream, make your wish list, take some steps to get you closer to it AND stay flexible, maybe the way you think this goal will be achieved isn't the way at all. Be open.

If we stay so rigid and control freakish, we may put a block in the path that would get us where we would like to go or better yet, where we are MEANT to go.

It could be trusting in God, Source, the Universe or whatever type of higher power you believe in, to carry you along so you achieve and receive everything you are meant to at the exact time you are meant to. 

The idea is "Who am I to assume i am certain about what is best for me? There is something leading me and I need to trust and flow."

Visually, I think of this as one of those lazy rivers at a water park.  🏞 
You don't see people fighting the flow in those. You see people laying in the raft, floating along AND that is what makes is so relaxing and enjoyable. 

No rush to get anywhere, you don't even have to make choices, the flow will take you to your destination. 

Doesn't that sound so much more peaceful than the way we usually experience life?

This isn't the most elaborate of my posts but I figure it is enough to pique interest and for those of you it does, I would love to set up a time to chat. ☎️

I'll share with you the title of the book! 📕

We can see how this concept can serve you, your goals and overcoming your challenges. 

We can also create a realistic way for you to begin to practice. 

I will be traveling through the 11th and back to work on the 13th. You are welcome to message me before the 13th, just please understand if you receive a delayed response