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I just had an awesome conversation with a fellow coach (and new friend). We planned this meeting to brainstorm and help each other where we feel stuck.

During the call, she brought something up, which I have heard before, but today it really resonated.

It was about how often we can feel inadequate and compare ourselves to others around them.

This is one of the most toxic downfalls for coaches and unfortunately happens ALL OF THE TIME.

It happens so much because we surround ourselves with other coaches, uplifting content for inspiration for our work, and we see happy faces, beach-bound bodies and ballin’ in Bali, we forget that what we are seeing is not the real world.

We forget that this social media view is of a perfectly curated world of bliss and abundance.

Even though we are experts at helping our clients navigate their challenge, let go of the past, build confidence, see their worth and ultimately help them to create a life beyond their expectations…

Some days, coaches forget that we are human. And we think there is something wrong with us to experience challenges, reminders of a painful event, self-doubt and even triggers too. 

And then we question whether we have the right to coach at all.

Then I decided to expand my view. I thought about how we ALL see perfect facebook posts, pictures painting a perfect life. Not just coaches.

We are ALL inundated with BFF selfies, vacation photos, the perfect date night, new haircut/lashes or super sassy snapshots.

So, it isn’t only coaches whose self-esteem can be put to the test, but everyone who is on Facebook, Instagram, watches tv, looks at magazines, watches movies, etc.

And today, to paraphrase my new friend, she talked about how “You only need to be a few steps ahead to help lead people to where you are.”

This is a common experience for coaches, especially when we are craving more.

So, then my view expands again, and I realize:

💖 EVERYONE, not just coaches.  
💖 We are ALL irreplaceable.  
💖 We ALL have gifts that no one else can offer to the world.

But sadly, not everyone feels confident enough to let themselves out of the “I’m not good enough” box they have put themselves in.

Is any of this stirring anything up inside?  
If so, let me invite you to consider something.

You got where you are by perseverance, working through your challenges and your pain.

And though at times, it may seem like everyone is ahead of you, there are people who are still where you were.

These people actually need you, your support, encouragement, and knowledge to help them get to their next level.

I strongly believe everyone who has a cheerleader, coach, mentor, teacher, support system and/or sounding board can achieve their potential faster and easier than those who do not.

The individuals who have this support learn to move through their day without criticizing themselves and comparing themselves to others. They do it confidently, quickly and comfortably.

🦋 Do you have anyone supporting you to get to your next level?
🦋 Have you figured out what your greatest gifts are and how to bring them to the world?
🦋 Do you have support to get over the challenges that you still haven’t gotten passed?
🦋 Would you like help with all of it?

💗 This is what I do 💗

And fortunately for you, I have made my way through more challenges than most people would have liked to. But the bright side to that is that I have tools and ideas for almost any situation!

☀️ I can help you let go of self-judgment.
☀️ I can help you quiet your inner critic. The one who says, “You aren’t good enough.”
☀️ I can help you see your value. 
☀️ I can help you navigate your way to a better version of you.

Message me so we can talk about how your life feels and what it could look like in 1 month, 3 months, 6 months to a year from now.