The more years that pass the more annoyed I get at what they didn't teach us in school! Do you feel the same?

In my younger years, I wished they educated us about sex, sexuality, love, relationships, etc. 

Then right after graduation, when "real life" was kicking in, I wished they had taught us more about finances, like how to balance a checkbook, how to make a deposit, how much you should save, etc. 

And the older I get the more frustrated I become about how little we were instructed on things to do to ensure you would live an abundant, balanced and fulfilling life. 

Why didn't they teach us about investing, setting yourself up for retirement, mutual funds, etc? 

And why on earth did they not teach us about how valuable self-care is, setting boundaries, effective communication, how to stay true to yourself and build your confidence.

And can you imagine how much different your life would be if your teachers taught you about disempowering beliefs and taught you how to begin to deprogram the non-serving beliefs you had been indoctrinated into since birth? 

Can you imagine a life in which deep down your subconscious believes you are worthy, can be successful and deserve love? Maybe you feel you believe these things, but I assure you, you have hundreds of non-serving beliefs determining what action you take or don't take. They impact your relationships, your career, self-talk and actually, everything about your life!

Maybe our education system failed us in our youth, but at least now awareness is increasing! And new methods have been discovered to set new programs replacing the ones that have been stopping you from living an abundant life. 

I have studied many of these methods, trained with some of the best and I am inviting you to schedule time so we can start reprogramming you for all that you've ever wanted!

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