Emotional Freedom

Coaching & Energy Immersion


Do you feel stuck in a pattern or rut, suffering from anxiety, utter boredom, and have no idea how to switch gears?

Have you ever wished you could find a reset button for your life?  

Be liberated from:

  • Anxiety - so you can feel confident and safe

  • Limiting beliefs - so you can feel empowered and motivated

  • Sabotaging behaviors - so you can thrive and live your healthiest life

  • Trapped emotions, mindset imbalances, and, repeating patterns - so you can create a new life that is free from toxic habits, patterns and behaviors

This is the most powerful, intensive, integrative wellness coaching program that I have ever offered.

Emotional Freedom is an innovative, powerful strategy, that uses my experienced/proven energy work methods and certified

Emotion Code, Clear Beliefs Coaching, NLP, Success Principles, and Integrative Wellness Coaching methods.

Together, we will clear the slate and lay a fresh new foundation with a carefully curated assortment of:

  • Exercises

  • Goal setting

  • Actions steps

  • Healing modalities

    We will enhance balance so you are free from

    stress, doubt, self-sabotage and

    can enjoy better emotional health, more fulfillmentjoy and, abundance.

This will be the most nurturing, holistic and fulfilling transformation you ever experience!

12 week or 6 month option

I am currently accepting applications for 3 new clients to begin by Sept 1st.

And no matter where you are starting from - even if the idea of being excited about life seems far fetched, we will get you there!

“I was ready for a change; exactly what, I didn’t know. I just felt like I was on the hamster wheel, round and round, day in, day out. I wasted away the weekends and the, ugghhh, Monday morning was here again so soon.

I saw an ad for Heather in a magazine and ripped it out, tucking it in my cell phone case for contemplation later. A few days later, I filled out the self assessment (and started working with her). I had no idea what I needed or wanted. I just knew I wanted something different.

In just a few short weeks, my investment with Heather has positively impacted my career, relationships, finances, spirituality and physical body! Everywhere I was stuck is moving and everywhere I was stale is starting to have new life. ....

.... What’s changed? I sleep more deeply and peacefully. I smile more. I participate in my life more actively and with more passion. I really believe that I am in control of my happiness and have turned my “every day ordinary” into extraordinary.

My relationships are deeper and more fulfilling. I recognize sooner when I am trying to change/influence something outside my power of influence and can let it go or move onto something more satisfying. I have become passionate about my work, not just the work I am getting a paycheck for, and may have actually found that elusive “purpose.” I have been offered a promotion at work – one that I am seriously considering turning down, so I can continue to develop what brings me joy.

People are noticing a change in me, and they are curious what it is that I am doing.”

— Jane - Yardley, Pa.

“I was going through a very difficult time in my life. From the first call I felt comfortable with Heather. She listened to as much as I was willing to tell, in the beginning. As the weeks went on, she must have known what I needed because she shared personal experiences that allowed me to trust her with my whole story.

Being able to talk to someone about what I felt and had thought without being judged was an extremely freeing experience. I have gained a whole new perspective on my life and myself. She helped me to examine and appreciate the person I am and helped me discover the person I want to be.

She has started me on my own journey to finding my authentic self. She has given me the insight and tools I need to overcome any future obstacles. A desire to continuously improve upon my past successes. I have gained exactly what I have always wanted. A peaceful, loving and happy life.

All areas of my life have been impacted by her coaching. Personally, I am a much stronger, more loving, peaceful, healthier and happier person. She has shared skills and exercises that brought me closer to my husband and family. She worked with me on managing my employees better and challenging me to find ways to show my appreciation to them.”
— Denise - Central Pa.

What else do you get with program?

Prep tool to help you prepare and make the most of our time together

Post-session accountability to deepen the learning and create new habits

Notes or Recording of each session to access the information and learnings as often as you’d like

Access to me between sessions for ‘just in time’ coaching

Private Client Portal to keep you organized and so you can retrieve what you need when you need it to get better results faster

Additional Resources to strengthen the transformation and results you experience


Bonuses w/ 6 month Program

Bonuses with the six month program:

FREE membership to receive 25% off Essential oils & wellness products for an entire year

Videos & Links to articles and audio books via email

50% off extra Coaching sessions and any distant healing sessions throughout the program