Group Coaching

Coaching & Energy Immersion


Have you ever wished you could find a reset button for your life?  

Do you feel stuck in a pattern or rut, suffering from anxiety, utter boredom, and have no idea how to switch gears?

Be liberated from:

  • Anxiety that stops you from feeling confident or safe

  • Limiting beliefs that are responsible for you feeling nothing will ever be any different - a “this is life” attitude

  • Non-beneficial behaviors that stop you from living your healthiest life - poor diet, self-care, planning, coping skills, etc.

  • Trapped Emotions, Imbalances, Misalignments and, Repeating patterns - that create the same dynamic, same situations, same relationships, same mistakes

The 4 modules : Recognize, Release, Reframe and Rebuild will allow you to begin to feel excitement and enthusiasm toward life, every day!

Seriously, no matter where you are starting from - even if the idea of being excited about life seems far fetched, we will get you there!

This is the most powerful, intensive, integrative wellness coaching program with energy therapy immersion that I have ever offered.

I will release trapped emotions and subconscious beliefs that are keeping you boxed in or repeating negative patterns.

This program will facilitate energetic healing from traumas from the inside out so you will experience more balance.

It will allow us to instill positive empowering beliefs so you can begin to

create the life and circumstances you dream of!  

Together, we will clear the slate and lay a fresh new foundation with a carefully curated assortment of exercises, goal setting, actions steps and healing modalities to enhance balance so you are free from stress, doubt, self-sabotage and you'll enjoy better emotional health, more fulfillmentjoy and, abundance in all aspects of life.

This will be the most nurturing, holistic and fulfilling transformation you ever experience!

16 week or 6 month option


What else do you get with program?

Prep tool to help you prepare and make the most of our time together

Post-session accountability to deepen the learning and create new habits

Notes or Recording of each session to access the information and learnings as often as you’d like

Access to me between sessions for ‘just in time’ coaching

Private Client Portal to keep you organized and so you can retrieve what you need when you need it to get better results faster

Additional Resources to strengthen the transformation and results you experience


Bonuses w/ 6 month Program

Bonuses with the six month program:

FREE membership to receive 25% off Essential oils & wellness products for an entire year

Videos & Links to articles and audio books via email

50% off extra Coaching sessions and any distant healing sessions throughout the program