Heather just did a distant Reiki Session for me and it was AMAZING! She was so in tuned and helped me find some peace in my journey of healing. Please book with her ASAP so you can experience the Love!
— Valerie L - Wisconsin

(pronounced Ray-Key) is the Japanese word for Universal Life Energy ~ the energy found throughout the universe.  

As we all know, stress is the main cause of illness & disease. This non-invasive Reiki energy relieves stress & tension. It helps manage, reduce or eliminate pain. Reiki speeds up the recovery from surgery & can increase the effectiveness of modern medical treatments. Reiki rebalances the body physically, spiritually & emotionally, finding where energy is needed most & transferring it there.  Reiki is used successfully in all types of healing - physical, emotional and spiritual.  At the Master | Teacher level, a Reiki session can be done, either  in person or from a distance.  

 What can Reiki do?

  • Relieve stress

  • Lower high blood pressure

  • Lower rapid heart or respiration rates

  • Reduces pain

  • Help insomnia

  • Calm anxiety

  • Help overcome emotional issues or trauma

  • Clarify life purpose

  • Help reduce the need for medication

…and much much much more.  If what you need isn’t on the list, don’t worry, it can help!

Master | Teacher Level Session  30min $49

Distant | Proxy Sessions  are ideally scheduled when you can sit or lay down and relax and can be done anytime throughout the day or night - even while you are busy at work or sleeping for the night. If you don't have a preference when it is provided, I may have more availability than what shows on this calender. Feel free to reach out to discuss.

With a distant session:

  • You will receive a link for an audio of the session. This allows you to listen to the information I receive throughout and use it toward your highest good

  • If you add crystal healing to the session, I will send a photo of the layout as well

If you don't see a time that works for you, call or text for more options  717-974-4841