Group Reiki Membership


⁕ Do you feel there could be more to life than what you are currently experiencing?
⁕ Could you use more energy?
⁕ Would you benefit from feeling more balanced?
⁕ Would you like to remove blocks that are holding you back?
⁕ Are you ready for deep healing?
⁕ Take your life to the next level when you experience Reiki Healing multiple times per week!

Consistent support and results, but at a price that won’t break the bank!

4 - 30 minute sessions per week & Friday is a Bonus Double Session

By joining our group you will receive 10 hours of Reiki per month!

I wanted to create a membership program to offer Reiki, which is a universal life force for balance and healing on every level. It will allow groups of people to receive Reiki Healing at a fraction of the normal cost and making it available more often! I invited a fellow Reiki Master/Teacher, Valerie, to join me to double up the healing energy!

If you know what Reiki is all about, can you imagine how you’ll feel receiving at least 10 hours of Reiki per month? And if you have not experienced it yet, let me assure you, you will feel amazing, so balanced, nurtured, and awareness should deepen to enhance your connection to self and all that is good and wholesome around you.

🙌🏻 **The cost is less than one of my 1 hour, in-person sessions!!** 🙌🏻  

And this program could sell for up to $490

Join us now for only $67 per month

To anyone ‘on the fence’ about joining, I’ve been participating since March 2019 and it’s been fantastic. Has helped me thru a major surgery and 8 week recovery (even my surgeon was amazed when I told him how Reiki had helped get me thru since he was amazed at how well the surgery went, my attitude and how well I was doing). The benefits don’t hit you like a lightning bolt but are more subtle - I find myself more grounded, more centered and balanced. I like that I don’t have to be online in the session, can be living life as needed at the session times and still receive the benefits. Highly recommend.
— Kay - Brookfield, Wisconsin