Someone very dear to me has said something pretty awful over the past few months:


I know they didn't/don't actually mean it. I'm sure it is a reflection of their stuff that makes them subconsiously want me to question myself and not feel good enough.

I often rebutted with "Yeah, maybe I'm not, but I am damn good at helping my clients get where they want to be and that's what matters!"

I believe in what I could do for others, whole heartedly, and unfortunately I did question myself: Could I really be all that good if I wasn't experiencing the feelings I desired and I wasn't creating the life I deserved? How much more could I help people if I was in a better place and how can I expect them to take the risk to change if I was stuck in my own stuff?

For those of you who know me know, I LOVE inquiry and LOVE to challenge emotions and thoughts, so often tried to let this insult feel more like a challenge and not fully experience how hurtful the statement may have been intended to be. Especially, since it was coming from someone I care deeply for.

Well, for some reason, I heard their voice in my head today and as I started to let questions swirl around in my head, I quickly brought myself back to the present moment to investigate the facts and mistruths about this statement.

My awareness zoomed right back to where I was in that moment. Which was sitting by the pool after taking a swim, enjoying my mid day break, before teaching my third yoga class of the day.

So yeah, let's revisit that statement.


Now, I invite you to think about this:

It is human nature to fear change or the unknown and most people do best when they get clear on their goals and desires, while someone is holding them accountable and supporting them as they move through their transformation.

I recently read this:

"Mentors help new people in a field grow into it, learn, and become experts themselves, and there is lots of research that supports this.”

John Crosby called mentoring β€œa brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.”

Mentors see the strength and talent in you, listen to your hopes and dreams, and help you reach your full potential.

Good ones also tell you when your plans are totally unrealistic and you need a bit of a check to that ambition. In short, good mentors foster sustainable, healthy growth. So, we all need them, right? And we should go out and get them!

β€œI encourage all of you to seek out teachers and mentors that challenge you to think for yourself and guide you to find your own voice” β€” Renee Olsted

And this is a step by step of how someone can help support you to achieve your goals: https://bit.ly/33ur13W

And now I would like to offer you an option. If I am as vulnerable a human as the rest of you - with fear of change, fear of abandonment, fear of being alone and almost non existent boundaries and without having hired my own coach for this situation, I got where I am today (thanks to the tools of my trade/my training) …

Do you think it would be helpful to talk about how I can help support you so you can have a post like mine some day soon?

When would now be a good time to really start loving life and enjoying all that it has to offer?

November is just around the corner, which means I have two spots opening up for my Emotional Freedom Program. Click through to submit your application now: https://bit.ly/2osC1Qt

I'll start getting your poolside, lounge chair ready πŸ˜‰


 Okay, ONE of the times I thought I lost my mind, lol.  I came across this article and it took me back to that time.


I had a client for one of my signature Heart Space Bliss sessions and like many of my clients, she came to me expressing issues with her health and challenges she faced because of them.  


Even when my clients are only coming to me for emotional wellness, we will narrow down what about their physical health isn’t ideal too.  This can help us determine the main underlying emotional issue, the main cause of the stress/anxiety which can sometimes steer us in the most efficient direction to begin the energetic healing they need for overall wellness.


Anyway, this client spoke of her gallbladder, kidney and… I’m forgetting the third organ right now. So, we selected the crystal prescription, I set up my singing bowls and began the reiki portion of the session. Usually I do not speak during the session, but that day I whispered, may I share something that just came up? After she responded with a yes, I told her that I felt she should see if she could have a conversation with those organs during the session.  I never had anything like that happen before and for those of you who know me, know that as much as I 100% believe in the work that I do, I also think is sounds insane. This moment was a topper!  For a few seconds, I thought β€œ Okay, great, I’ve lost it.  I thought I was crazy before.. now it is official!”


My immediate thought was that if the client thought I was crazy, she may never want to see me again πŸ˜–  But if it was a message sent by the universe, maybe it would change her life forever.  

So, I told my logical mind to stop the doubt, ego, fear of judgement and the need to have all the answers, black and white.  I asked myself to let go and see what would happen.  


As the session wrapped up and we talked afterward about what came up, she shared that she did in fact have that conversation with her organs and they had a lot to say.  They felt neglected, taken for granted and that she gave up on them too soon.  They were sad, they only ever heard her complain about them.  They told her they wanted to feel more appreciated and to know that she noticed how hard they worked.  It was clear that her having this conversation was a big step toward reconciling with them.


A few weeks later during our next session, she shared how she is having regular interactions with them now.  Thanking them, acknowledging them for their hard work that used to go unrecognized. And how so far, if nothing else, she felt a shift in energy thanks to her gratitude.  


This article isn’t about the exact same thing, but I felt so validated when I saw it.  Maybe, I’m not crazy? πŸ˜œ Maybe we should be giving the different organs, functions or departments of the body some of it’s own attention, rather than lumping it all together as a whole.  They say gratitude is some of the best medicine.  Maybe this could be the beginning of the healing you need. 


If you would like to learn more about this work, energy medicine, to support your western medicine or just to keep yourself balanced and healthy, connect with me so we can chat.